Orange Zest Dark Chocolate Macaroon


Orange And Chocolate Just Naturally Go Together!  

These handcrafted coconut confections are covered in rich Belgian chocolate and baked fresh to order. Michelle’s Maccs are free from eggs, flour and almond paste, making them the perfect naturally gluten-free, flourless, and eggless desserts!  

  • Made with fresh orange zest and juice
  • Ideal balance of crisp citrus flavor with Belgian dark chocolate
  • Try this modern twist on the traditional coconut macaroon!

Handcrafted and infused with delicious citrus flavor, our orange zest dark chocolate macaroons make the perfect corporate gifts or delectable presents for family and friends. Michelle’s Maccs are free from eggs, flour, and almond paste, so they’re naturally gluten-free. At New York City-based FreshBakedNY, we believe in the KISS principle — Keep It Simply Sweet.

  • Coconut macaroons infused with chopped cherries and covered in dark chocolate
  • Eggless, flourless, and naturally gluten-free
  • 4 Maccs per tube

Gluten-free (FAQ Disclaimer)


Michelle’s Maccs – The Modern Macaroon.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simply Sweet. A modern twist on the coconut macaroon. Michelle’s Maccs are free from eggs, flour and almond paste.


A special baking process binds the basic Macc recipe together. Infused with fresh natural ingredients and fresh flavors, The Maccs are baked to crunchy chewy perfection and enrobed with imported Belgian Chocolates. 13 unique flavors – each covered in either dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. Naturally gluten – free.

Enjoy Michelle’s Maccs fresh, frozen or thawed – whole halved or quartered. Baked fresh to order with free nationwide shipping. Our Modern Macaroons make the perfect gift for family, friends and business associates or stash some in the freezer for yourself.

Our Belgian chocolate covered coconut confections are handcrafted and baked fresh to order.