Michelle’s MiniMaccs Party Pack


Crunchy, Chewy Chocolate Coconut Heaven In Every Bite!  

  • Perfect little bits of YUM!
  • A modern twist on the coconut macaroon in a mini size
  • Handcrafted and baked fresh to order

When it comes to Michelle’s MiniMaccs, our motto is simple: K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simply Sweet.” Choose these tasty morsels as part of your catering options for parties and events. These handcrafted coconut confections are covered in rich Belgian chocolate and baked fresh to order. Michelle’s MiniMaccs are free from eggs, flour and almond paste, making them the perfect naturally gluten-free, flourless, and eggless desserts!  

  • 20 MiniMaccs per party pack
  • 5 of each flavor: Simple Dark, Simple Milk, Simple White, Chocolate Chocolate
  • Weighs 1+ pound

Gluten-free (FAQ Disclaimer)