From Rugelach to Black & Whites – classic NY Style pastries. Michelle’s Baked is an array of delicious and unique pastries that retain an exclusive and authentic New York Feel. These classic baked goods satisfy every discriminating New Yorker’s palate and craving for fresh, traditional pastries with that familiar, nostalgic taste. Share Always!


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Enjoy Traditional Hamantaschen Cookies For Any Special Occasion!  

  • Buttery triangle pastry pockets  
  • Filled with delicious flavors
  • Each box comes with three flavors: honey-poppy seed, apricot, and classic prune

Our delicious New York pastries include this traditional favorite, the hamantaschen (also spelled as hamentashen)! With their distinct triangular shapes and tasty fillings, hamantaschen cookies make fabulous corporate gifts, engagement gifts, and centerpieces for a family gathering. Order a box today!

  • Two options to choose from
  • 18-Count Box: 6 cookies of each flavor; box weighs approximately 1.5 pounds
  • 27-Count Box: 9 cookies of each flavor; box weighs approximately 2 pounds


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This Classic Treat Is The Ideal Choice For Delicious Gifts!

  • Elegant, nostalgic black and white cookies
  • Hand-crafted and baked to perfection
  • Great for team lunches, business meetings, thank you gifts, and more

These sophisticated treats make the ideal corporate gifts to say “thank you for your business!” Perfect for any type of gifts, including gifts for her, engagement gifts, and more. A New York City staple, these black and whites are sheer perfection!

  • Each cookie measures 2 inches
  • 18 cookies per box
  • Packed fresh for delivery
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Assorted Butter Cookies For Every Corporate Or Social Occasion!  

  • Lovely, delicious assortment of butter cookies  
  • The right choice for corporate gifts, engagement gifts, and more
  • Add this to your catering options for parties and events

Enjoy an eye-catching and delicious variety of butter cookies in different shapes and colors. Each container offers a dazzling array of mouthwatering butter cookies designed to please even the most discriminating taste, whether at work or at any social function.

  • Box Includes 48 Count Assortment
  • Weighs Approximately 19 ounces
  • Cookies May Vary From Image
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Wow Everyone With This Amazing Assortment Of Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookies!  

  • Assorted chocolate dipped butter cookies  
  • Handpicked varieties sometimes may differ from image
  • The perfect baked goods gifts for any corporate or social event
  • Each buttery flavor delight is handcrafted and hand-dipped

These crisp and delicate butter cookies are dipped in chocolate for sheer perfection! Send these attractive and delicious cookies as sought-after corporate gifts, thank you’s, gifts for her, and more. Buttery bliss never tasted so good!

  • 40 dipped-chocolate cookies
  • Assorted butter cookies
  • Box weighs approximately 27 ounces
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Our Outrageously Moist, Outrageously Chocolate Brownie!

  • Rich, moist chocolate in every bite  
  • Perfectly baked brownie squares
  • Decadently delicious!

You’ve never tasted brownies like these before! Decadently rich and satisfying, these brownies are made from the finest ingredients and make ideal corporate gifts, birthday presents, gifts for her, and more. Send these outrageously moist chocolate brownies when you want to make a memorable impression!

  • Two options to choose from
  • Select four or eight brownies per box
  • Each brownie weighs approximately 3.5+ ounces
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Cute and colorful layers of almond sponge cake with a hint of marzipan and imported jellies.

White chocolate and dark chocolate rainbow cookies cut into bite-sized pieces. 20 pieces per box. Approximately 13 oz.

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These Linzer Tarts Are Even Better Than Grandma’s!  

  • Perfect mini bites for corporate gifts, thank you’s, and more  
  • Filled with imported jellies
  • Two flavors: raspberry and apricot

Bring back nostalgia with these elegant, tasty linzer tarts reminiscent of a bygone era. Generously sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with fancy, imported apricot and raspberry jellies, these linzer tarts make great baked goods gifts, whether you’re looking for gifts for her, corporate gifts, birthday presents, or the perfect present for any occasion!

  • 16 mini tarts per box
  • Each tart measures 2 inches
  • Box contains two flavors: 8 raspberry and 8 apricot tarts
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Savory, Decadent Pecan Tarts For An Elegant Presentation

  • Each tart is shaped into a perfect sliver  
  • Made from fresh, quality ingredients
  • Dipped in rich chocolate

Enjoy the richness of pecan any time of year with these luscious pecan tarts! Each piece comes in the perfect sliver for easy handling and delicious flavor in every bite. It’s every bit as savory and decadent as pecan pie! If you’re looking for the perfect corporate gifts or thank you presents, you’ve found them in these pecan tarts.

  • Six tarts per box
  • Chocolate dipped
  • Box weighs approximately 2.5 pounds
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Colorful, Delicious, Chocolate-Covered Rainbow Cookies!

  • Cute rainbow cookies covered in white chocolate and dark chocolate  
  • Bite-sized pieces for convenience
  • Add an element of fun to any corporate meeting or social gathering!

Put a smile on everyone’s face with these multi-layer, multi-color rainbow cookies! Delicious layers of almond sponge cake with a hint of marzipan are interspersed with imported jellies for a colorful presentation and a mouthwatering dessert. Ideal for corporate gifts, birthday presents, thank you gifts, and so much more!

  • 20 rainbow cookies per box
  • Package comes with white chocolate- and dark chocolate-covered pieces
  • Weighs approximately 13 ounces
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Our Hand-rolled New York Rugelach Pieces Come In Three Delicious Flavors!

  • Chocolate, red velvet, and raspberry  
  • Hand-rolled and baked to perfection
  • Ideal for corporate gifts!

Baked goods make great gifts, and our New York rugelach pastries are buttery, flaky, and handcrafted with just the right amount of sweetness. Each box contains three delicious flavors: chocolate, red velvet, and raspberry. Impress with these beauties by sending them as corporate gifts, thank you gifts, or birthday presents they’ll appreciate!

  • Three delicious flavors in each box
  • 15 pieces per box (5 chocolate, 5 red velvet, 5 raspberry)
  • Box weighs approximately 17 ounces
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Red Velvet Brownies Add Color And Flavor To Any Occasion!  

  • Classic red velvet brownies   
  • Perfectly swirled with creamy cheesecake filling
  • Great for any corporate or social event!

Feast your eyes on these red velvet beauties! Each dazzling brownie packs delicious flavor thanks to quality ingredients, including a creamy cheesecake filling. Order your boxes today to send as corporate gifts, birthday presents, gifts for her, and more!

  • Two options to choose from
  • Select 4 or 8 brownies per box
  • Each brownie weighs 3.5 ounces
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