What are FreshBakedNY’s hours?

We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm EST.  The bakery is closed on Saturday, Sunday and major holidays.

If you need to contact us after hours please email us:  hello@freshbakedny.com


How many Michelle’s Maccs and/or Michelle’s Baked products should I order?

Michelle’s Maccs

Michelle’s Maccs are the perfect single-serving sweet treat. Cut them in halves or quarters. Assume 1-2 Maccs per person because everyone will want another. We offer them by the pound or in minis!

Michelle’s Baked

Call Michelle (sales) at 917.783.4641. She’ll give you all the information you need for the collections.


Can I freeze Michelle’s Maccs or Michelle’s Baked for a later date?

Michelle’s Maccs

Michelle’s Maccs are outrageously delicious right from the freezer (we have to admit, we often prefer them that way!). We highly recommend freezing The Maccs for a later date if you’re not going to eat them right away.

Michelle’s Baked

All of Michelle’s Baked products can be kept frozen.


How big are Michelle’s Maccs?

Each Macc is about 1.6 ounces, 2 inches wide and 1 inch high.


Are Michelle’s Maccs gluten-free?

Michelle’s Maccs are naturally gluten-free. Although all of the ingredients are wheat and gluten-free, they are produced in a bakery that does use wheat flour. We have tested them to be gluten-free. We do not certify ourselves. If your wheat or gluten intolerance is severe, ask your doctor before eating a Macc.


Are there egg products in Michelle’s Maccs?

There are no egg products in Michelle’s Maccs.


Are there nuts in FreshBakedNY products? 

Michelle’s Maccs

Currently, there are nuts in only 2 of The Macc flavors: Peanut Butter and Banana Nut.

Michelle’s Baked

Depending on the product there are nuts.

*Some of our sweet treats contain nuts or have traces of nuts and nut oils.  All products are made in a facility that contains nuts.


Do Michelle’s Maccs contain dairy?

Yes, Michelle’s Maccs contain dairy.


What is your return/exchange policy?

We bake to order and ship. Because of this, there are no returns. However, depending on the issue, we will replace or credit the item. Please call us if something went wrong, we are always improving our processes so your opinion matters greatly to us. We will always work with you to rectify the situation. That is our priority. Call Michele or Michelle: 917.775.9085


Is there a minimum for placing an order?

There is no minimum for placing an order.


What type of payment does FreshBakedNY accept?

We accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Purchases can also be made through your Amazon Account and through PayPal.


How should I store Michelle’s Maccs?

Right away: Do not store them; Eat them!

Not right away: Keep Michelle’s Maccs in the freezer. Michelle’s kids devour them only from the freezer. Michelle likes them slightly thawed and fresh, of course!


Are FreshBakedNY Products Kosher? 

We are under strict supervision of the Orthodox Kashrus Supervision [OKS]. Michelle’s Maccs & Michelle’s Baked products are all Kosher and are produced in a Kosher bakery. Kosher certification available upon request. Please call us at 917.775.9085.


How will FreshBakedNY products arrive?

Michelle’s Maccs are sold either in a dazzling tube of four per flavor or by the pound in a gift box.

Michelle’s Baked come in a gift box. A large or small one depending on the item.

If larger quantities are needed, contact our sales department. 917.775.9085


Does FreshBakedNY have nutritional information?

Michelle’s Maccs 

The Maccs nutritional information is on the packaging when it arrives.

Michelle’s Baked

The Baked nutritional information is available on request.


Shipping and Delivery

How long will it take for my products to be delivered?

“DELIVERED FRESH IN ONE CLICK” is our slogan, and we stick to it! We bake to order and ship. Account for shipping time.

All orders placed by 2pm EST will be shipped out the next business day, excluding postal holidays.


Where does FreshBakedNY ship?

Our products ship throughout the continental United States. Deliveries cannot be made to PO boxes.


How much does shipping cost? 

There are two shipping choices:

  • USPS Priority Mail: $10.00 Flat-Rate Shipping up to 8lbs anywhere in the continental United States.
  • FedEx: Rate based on shipping service, weight, and shipping location.
  • Unique orders or shipping needs: email us at hello@FreshBakedNY.com or by phone at 917.775.9085.


Is the delivery date guaranteed?  

If a delivery is needed for a special event or specific date, we highly recommend contacting our customer service team by email at hello@FreshBakedNY.com or by phone at 917.775.9085 to ensure the proper shipping methods are in place to meet your delivery needs.

We used USPS for most of our package deliveries. The length of shipping time is based on USPS’ delivery estimates.  Orders will be delivered on or before a selected delivery date.

hello@FreshBakedNY.com or 917.775.9085

Is there holiday delivery?

We follow the United States Postal Service holiday schedule. To ensure freshness, orders will be shipped and scheduled to account for Holiday interruptions.


Do you ship on Saturdays and holidays?

We follow the US Postal Service delivery and holiday schedule.


What happens if my order is delayed? 

Our delivery times are estimates from the USPS.  These ship times do not take into consideration weather delays.

We are not responsible for delays caused by incomplete addresses or incorrect addresses that were entered when the order is placed online.  Call us 917.775.9085 and we will do everything we can to help.